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  • The toolbar in Chrome Custom Tabs now autohides on scroll


  • The “view privacy policy” button shown during onboarding now opens a custom tab
  • Contextual chips will now always be shown if the large header is disabled
  • The post sort chip now uses the current sort icon
  • The current post sort is now selected
  • Pressing dark mode from more actions will now cycle through light, dark and automatic (#1675)


  • The background color of ads now matches the current theme
  • The ad bar height is now fixed to avoid layout height changes
  • Added a quick shortcut to Sync Ultra in the account picker
  • Testing a new in-stream ad format for slides + cards
  • Testing a new app-open interstitial (1 per 24hrs)


  • Fixed an issue where the download / backup folder could not be selected on certain devices (#723)
  • Fixed an issue where titles might overspill to three lines in more actions (#1596)
  • Fixed an issue where inline GIFs could be distorted (#1002)
  • Fixed a crash when ads reloaded on free


  • Sync Dev & Pro now have a dedicated privacy policy without advertising


  • androidx.browser:browser > 1.5.0