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  • Added the A-Z picker back in as an option for the subreddit picker
  • Added the option to “follow” users
  • Added “mark as read” to post swipe options
  • Post + Comment FABs can now be set to not autohide
  • Added the option to disable recording top visited subreddits locally
  • The URL preview shown on slides + cards now matches the same size as the post description
  • Imgur galleries now show as inline image previews (sadly with a static image until we can figure something better)
  • Selecting text in the editor and then clicking quote will now insert the selected text quoted
  • Long pressing the comment reply FAB will now show more options


  • You can now select expanded toolbar AND disable autohiding
  • Added a bottomsheet for the join subreddit chip
  • Added a new style to the “watch subreddit” bottomsheet
  • The splash screen on pre-Android 10 is now dark
  • Contextual chips are now forced on if you have autohide toolbar disabled
  • Added image resolution + file size to the image details
  • Sharing a post preview now includes the subreddit + icon and NSFW images are no longer red
  • The share button is now always shown in the posts “more” bottomsheet
  • Upped the char limit from 10k to 40k
  • Toggling accounts now ignores logged out
  • Large previews are now always fetched for posts (when logged out)


  • Domains are now shown again for slides
  • Fixed an issue with themes not automatically updating on Samsung devices
  • The fix underscore bottomsheet is now only shown for non-reddit links
  • Added another fix for the infamous posts showing behind other posts issue
  • Fixed an issue when selecting u_profile links in the subreddit picker
  • Fixed an issue where links would show as image posts
  • Fixed a padding issue for cards when autohide toolbar is disabled
  • Fixed an issue where Twitter profile pictures would get the wrong background in AMOLED dark mode
  • Albums now respect the full height preview option
  • Fixed an onboarding crash




  • Removed dev.kdrag0n:colorkt
  • Switched from AppLovin to Admob due to poor in-app performance


  • androidx.biometric:biometric > 1.2.0-alpha04