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  • Fixed an issue with missing scores on compact views
  • Added a little 👑 icon whenever ljdawson is shown
  • Replaced username highlighting with icons
  • Updated the style of the bottom loading bar (color + position)
  • Popup menus now have rounded corners
  • Messaging has been renamed to “inbox”
  • Added “Inbox” and “Subs” to the quick actions (disabled by default)
  • Long pressing the quick actions FAB will now perform the first selected action again
  • Pinned post icons now show with the link color
  • Added the option to move the image before title back for slides
  • Changed the load / share icons in monet theme section
  • Added a dropdown label next to the subreddit flair chip


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the expanded toolbar to lose its position when changing between posts and messages
  • Fixed an animation related crash
  • Fixed an issue with a space showing on posts after inputting text…
  • Mark as read on scroll has been added back in
  • Fixed a crash when drawing a recycled animated emote
  • Fixed an issue where the comment nav bar wouldn’t show with no comments
  • Fixed an issue where text was not visible in dark mode when selecting text
  • Fixed an issue where domains were not showing for compact views
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the hide button on a post kept the video playing


  • Unified all “post comments” into a single ViewHolder (comments in a profile or sub)
  • Disabled “supportsPredictiveItemAnimations” in LinearLayoutManager to fix a longstanding issue