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  • Added all view types back in (apart from swipe)
  • Added AMOLED mode (Settings > Dark mode > AMOLED)
  • Expanded the view options for slides (give it a try)
  • Added an option to disable subreddit icons
  • Added random to the default chips
  • Reduced the alpha of a selected comment overdraw
  • The search icon is no longer shown in the app bar
  • Compact and smaller cards now have rounded thumbnails
  • List is now even more compact
  • Added extra padding to the bottom of the comments list when viewing a single comment
  • The expanded toolbar is a little ^smaller
  • Message style has been changed for nested messages
  • When the FAB is configured to use “more actions” it now shows the sync icon


  • Fixed a critical issue where text links were not clickable
  • Fixed an issue with spoilers not rendering
  • Fixed an issue with the subreddit showing in comments
  • Full width images no longer have rounded corners
  • Increased the left margin when no icon is shown in the toolbar