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  • Added support for a new tablet mode with side navigation rail
  • Added support for dual pane in portrait & landscape
  • Added tabbed comments!
  • The account picker is now much smaller
  • Settings now respect the dual pane mode


  • Added “contextual chips” back in as an option for the “more actions” bottomsheet
  • If the expanded toolbar is disabled, contextual chips are now always shown
  • Increased the brightness of the primary text color in night mode
  • Selftext previews now once again mark as visited
  • Twitter previews now mark as read
  • Settings are no longer locked to portrait
  • Added search back in as a drawer item
  • Disabled the comment open transition by default (default feels snappier)
  • Huge refactoring to the Main/Casual activity
    • I don’t think I’ve broken any navigation but please let me know…
  • Pressing posts / messaging in the right section and scrolling to top will now show the restore snackbar
  • Reverted the new message icon back to +
  • The ripple in settings search is now the same as elsewhere in settings
  • Renamed sections of messaging in the drawer to match the bottom navigation
  • Removed link shortening


  • Fixed a crash when setting a sub thumbnail
  • Fixed a crash when setting flair
  • Fixed a list restore state issue