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  • Added a new onboarding / setup experience
  • Added a new splashscreen with animation
  • Improved the startup time for free significantly
  • Added “recents” to the comment page “more” bottomsheet
  • Added deeplinked settings


  • Dark mode preferences now use radio buttons
  • Updated the purchase checker to use an alt method if querying fails
  • Updated the style of setting links


  • Fixed an alignment issue for the embedded twitter description
  • Fixed an issue where resetting the theme management preferences wouldn’t reset the intensity
  • Fixed a crash when viewing inline videos
  • Fixed a 404 when clicking licenses
  • Fixed an issue where changing typeface / relative size would require an app restart
  • Fixed a visual glitch where clicking on the header in settings could respond to a click
  • Fixed a bug where the account profile picture wouldn’t show on first load