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Foldable / Tablet

  • Support for large foldable devices (e.g. Fold 3)
    • When the main display is closed, the navigation rail will automatically become a BottomNavigationBar
  • Slide / card cropped previews are now larger when tablet mode is enabled
  • Tabbed comments are now disabled by default
  • Added an option to force sync to respect additional window insets
  • Tabs are now shown all the time if tab mode is enabled
  • Clicking back on an open comments page now closes that page


  • The comment actions bar is now tinted with monet theming
  • Youtube shorts are now excluded from the in-app YouTube player (do not work…)
  • Tapping the toolbar in settings will now scroll to top


  • Fixed a bug where changing between folded / open would result in your current section being lost
  • Fixed an issue where the bottom progress bar wouldn’t show without bottom nav
  • Fixed an issue where keyboard wouldn’t hide after selecting a search result
  • Fixed a few tabbed comments bugs
  • Fixed a bug where tapping the toolbar would return to the top of posts and comments
  • Fixed an issue where clicking a comments tab twice would cause it to close
  • Fixed an issue where the comments reply fab would show on scroll even if disabled