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  • The version code now uses day of month too
  • Removed the expand icon in the small toolbar
  • Clickable inline links are no longer colored (domain & username)
  • Attempting to change view now displays a message
  • Voting + comment chip is now the same size as the post description
  • Extra padding adding to the drawer FAB
  • Inline link spans no longer use the link color
  • Reset the key for showing labels in the bottom navigation


  • Fixed the link underline issue
  • Fixed a bug that would cause posts to display under the bottom nav (when autohide was disabled)
  • Fixed a crash when leaving the app too quickly
  • Fixed a crash when loading bottomsheets
  • Fixed a crash when opening messaging
  • Fixed a crash when re-arranging favs
  • Fixed an issue causing search recents to have the wrong popup menu
  • Fixed an issue where the old swipe to hide would conflict with the new post actions
  • Fixed a crash when applying a tag
  • Fixed a crash when starting the app
  • Fixed a crash when generating a monet palette


  • to 1.6.0-alpha03
  • to 2.17.0