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  • Added “Dark overlay” to the quick actions
  • Enabled large toolbar animations
  • Slides now respect the option “long press to open comments in the background”
  • Added an option to disable the comments reply FAB
  • Added a “load color” button to the theme settings page
  • Cards now autoplay again (single column only for now)
  • Added a new animation for the large post toolbar


  • Autoplay has been fixed for slides
  • Updated the style of contextual chips
  • The refresh action now scrolls to the top of the list quickly before refreshing
  • The first slide now has rounded corners again
  • The “Top growing” chip has been replaced with “Change view”
  • Removed the palette icon from the theme settings page
  • Removed the save icon from the theme settings page


  • Fixed an issue with the subreddit description flickering
  • Fixed an issue with screen regions being blank when bottom nav hide was disabled
  • Fixed an issue where the toolbar was autohiding when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed mis-coloring of comment navigation bar icons


  • You can now preview where autoplay starts (Setting > Developer)