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v22.02.29 (md3 beta)


  • A new Monet based themeing engine
    • When following the system color Sync will automatically update the colors if the system changes
  • Added themed icon support for A13
  • Swapped to a completely new image manager (bye bye IO Exception)
  • Overhauled the settings with Monet theming
  • Slides have been redesigned from the ground up (should be faster!)
  • Slides now have subreddit icons
  • Slides now have Twitter previews
  • Added customisable swipe actions for posts
  • Autoplaying videos have been completely rewritten to be much faster and smoother when scrolling
  • You can now filter a subreddit by post flair from the expanded toolbar
  • Slide site previews now have a fav icon
  • You can now search from the subreddit bottom sheet
  • Added “Click back to open the left drawer” back in
  • Snackbars will once again show dark in dark mode
  • Comments will now autoload top level “more”


  • Expanded the comments nav bar to include reply and collapse all (parity with v19)
  • The number of awards shown is now capped to 3
  • Card radius has been increased to match MD3
  • Quick actions have been renamed More actions
  • Reduced the number of default actions
  • Removed presets from the settings
  • Switched to the old drawer style (but with an option to increase open region)
  • Updated the default title sizes for slides
  • Disabled the chat icon in the sidebar
  • Disabled search from the sidebar
  • Disabled submit from the sidebar
  • The save icon now matches
  • and domains are shown again in descriptions
  • The selftest border is now only an option for slides
  • Increased the size and changed the position of the image seekbar
  • Zero width chars are now removed from selftest
  • Colourful quotes are now disabled by default
  • Deepzoom now has a default of 200dpi
  • Sticky posts now feature an icon instead of changing the title color
  • Preferences are now locked to portrait
  • The search bottomsheet is now for searching posts
  • The archived/np/locked banner now scrolls again


  • Fixed the image upload / gallery select / edit functionality (submit and commenting)
  • Fixed an issue with the drawer collapsing / expanding sections slowly




  • Now targeting Android 12 (and testing on A13)
  • Updated Exoplayer to v2.16.1
  • All images are now handled by Picasso
  • Updated WorkManager to v2.7.1
  • Removed MultiDex
  • Removed GSON
  • Removed ConsentManager
  • Removed jcenter references
  • Removed
  • Removed all unused assets
  • Removed firebase analytics
  • Removed firebase messaging
  • Removed com.reddit:indicator-fast-scroll
  • Removed sectionedrecyclerviewadapter
  • Removed gif-drawable
  • Removed androidx.palette:palette