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  • Secondary text is now a little lighter in dark mode
  • OP icon has been updated & OP now highlights again
  • All comment icons are now filled in
  • Added a return to top FAB in the bottom nav subreddit picker
  • Moved “open in new window” above fav in the subreddit menu
  • Voting chip colors are a little darker now
  • Voting chip now has a min width
  • Added … to selftext previews
  • Updated the search settings to use the new themeing
  • Preferences now use the themed ripple
  • Added an option to disable emotes
  • Added an option to disable animated image comments


  • The “push” preference has been updated to use the new switch style
  • Fixed an issue where selftext images might fail to load on peek
  • Fixed an issue where selftext images were not clickable
  • Spoilers no longer autoplay (duhh)
  • Fixed a few incorrect context crashes
  • Fixed a crash when starting with biometrics enabled
  • Added a potential fix for posts list crash
  • Fixed displaying short scores in slides
  • The current sub is now highlighted again in the subreddit picker / drawer
  • Fixed an issue where the subreddit icon would used a cached value
  • Fixed a rendering issue with tables in comments


  • Removed all traces of the old “accent color”
  • Updated save to be the same everywhere