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  • Added an option to enable “sliding panel style drawer” in the settings (Settings > Experimental)
  • “Actions” can now be added back into the bottom navigation (Settings > Experimental)
  • Long pressing Posts will now take you to your default subreddit
  • Long pressing Inbox will now bring up the compose screen


  • Increased the default size of the slide + card description + comment description
  • When tapping a search box in landscape the fullscreen keyboard is no longer shown
  • The “Dark overlay” option now shows its selected state in more actions
  • Pinned posts now show as colored along with the pinned icon
  • Tweaked the ripple behaviour when unselecting a comment
  • Disabled the “extended drawer open region” setting by default
  • Increased the size of the image viewer seek bar & added a little padding left and right
  • Search is now shown in the toolbar if you have bottom nav disabled


  • Removed the “Example” chip in the Inbox chipgroup
  • Fixed a bug where recents were not scrollable