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  • Added link + comment karma & profile creation to the about popup
  • Added an option to highlight comments that are from new accounts (on by default)


  • OP and Friends are now highlighted again
  • Searching within a subreddit search will now give the option to search within that subreddit again
  • Changed how deeplinks open in app from coldstart
  • Subreddit shortcut links (long press sync icon) now always open in sync
  • The correct splash screen is now shown when opening a shortcut
  • Subreddit shortcuts now use the subreddit icon
  • Purchases are no longer reset when going to the restore page
  • Added the ability to manually reset purchases on the restore page


  • Added a fix for posts appearing behind other posts (animation glitch)
  • Ads now have a min height to fix misclick issues
  • Ads are now fully disabled when an activity pauses
  • Fixed an issue where ads could be shown when starting sync from a deeplink